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Honoring Lorena Feijoo, Davit Karapetyan, and Vanessa Zahorian: 4/15 and 4/18

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My parenthetic comment was, and still is, that the community of Cuban dancers at San Francisco Ballet would be greatly diminished. With Boada, Feijoo and Quenedit gone, this makes three of four. Their presence, and the influence of Jorge Esquivel and Lola di Avila as teachers, added something special to the company.

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1 hour ago, Helene said:

I'm surprised that their ranks weren't replenished all along.  Not that a dancer like the glorious Feijoo can be replaced.


I believe you've answered your own comment, Helene.  ;)


It's not about having enough bodies, but how the A.D. can find exceptional talents (not already snatched up by other companies).

One thing I wonder about: SFB is dancing so much contemporary ballet - are the young Cuban dancers as interested in that repertoire as the North Americans?

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Cuban dancers have joined a number of US companies and have danced a wide range of roles. Lots have been interested in staying in the US: I think the last mass-defection was seven, and at least a couple ended up at Ballet Arizona.


They don't even have to defect always: if Alonso gave permission, they could leave and return to Cuba.


If I were any AD, I'd be keeping track of their school graduates.

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