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Robbin's The Cage at Bolshoi


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How is this for working outside one's comfort zone? Bolshoi is working on Robbin's The Cage as part of their March live broadcast.


Don’t Look Pretty! Staging a Feral Robbins Ballet at the Bolshoi



'What is it like to work with dancers whose training is so different?
I find it fascinating. You want to give them a sense of what the choreographer wanted. So you don’t want to change their schooling, but you want to change their attack. I try to emphasize dynamics in their dancing more. Balanchine used to say to me, “Jean-Pierre, you’re young — move big, big.” And he’s right. Otherwise, you look like you’re dancing on a postage stamp.


At City Ballet, the women are so excited to dance this ballet. Is that true at the Bolshoi?
I don’t know! I can’t tell. At New York City Ballet, the girls love it. They love the hair. They love the whole idea of it. They feel like they have their ballet. [Laughs] I’m just hoping I get this here. It’s hard for them. I always say: “Don’t worry about looking pretty. The stranger you look, the better.”'

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