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Ballet Austin


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I lived in Austin for a number of years and always made time to see Ballet Austin. They have gorgeous new studios that were built in the last 10 years or so right in the heart of thriving downtown. And their performance space The Long Center is spectacular. That was also built within the last 10 years and is used by Ballet Austin and a variety of other performing arts companies. There are no ranks in the company, so they tend to keep dancers around for a long time -- you end up seeing the same "principal" dancers in every production and there's very little opportunity, in my mind, for the young newer dancers to get lead roles. I remember one dancer, Aara Krumpe, seemed to be around for eons. She was in everything and it got pretty repetitive. I wanted to see the newer younger talent. That would probably be my only complaint. Their Nutcracker is lovely -- a traditional version and the production values are high. I also remember a beautiful Giselle from maybe 2002 that was truly lovely. The director also brings in contemporary productions that fit the vibe of the city itself very well. If you are in Austin, I would recommend getting a ticket.

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