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2017-2018 season


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Joffrey Ballet just announced their 2017-2018 season:




October 18-29, 2017

Staged by Lola de Ávila

Music: Adolphe Adam

A sweeping tale of passion beond the grave, de Ávila's visionary Giselle elevates one of the greatest Romantic ballets to new heights. When a young peasant girl discovers her lover is betrothed to another, she dies of grief, only to be enlisted by the vengeful Wilis, a ghostly army of maidens who haunt the forests, dancing to death any male mortal who crosses their path. When her beloved wanders into their grasp, Giselle carries out the ultimate act of love to free him from his fate. An ethereal descent into madness, desire, and sublime beauty that will leave you breathless. 

Joffrey Premiere


Modern Masters

February 7-18, 2018

Kammermusik No. 2

Choreographer: George Balanchine

Music: Paul Hindemith

This iconic Balanchine gem shatters convention with furios energy and stylized movements. A true feat for dancers -- and a dizzying treat for audiences.

Joffrey Premiere


Body of Your Dreams

Choreographer: Myles Thatcher

Music: Jacob ter Veldhuis

A madcap play on fitness crazes, this inventive piece brings wit and whimsy to our obsession with physical perfection.


World Premiere

Choreographer: Nicolas Blanc

Music: Mason Bates

Joffrey Ballet Master Blanc transports us through five mesmerizing worlds amid Bates' lush orchestral and electronic soundscape.


Glass Pieces

Choregrapher: Jerome Robbins

Music: Philip Glass

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the legendary Jereome Robbins' brithday, Glass Pieces is a tour de force from pioneer Robbins and minimalist composer Philip Glass, this electrifying work marries artistry and athleticism to echo the pulse of 1980s metropolitan America. Hailed by the New York Times as "landmark Robbins."


Midsummer Night's Dream

April 26- May 6, 2018

Choreographer: Alexander Ekman

Music: Mikael Karlsson

This is not Shakespeare's midsummer. Swedish tailblazer Ekman astounds with this ode to the longest day of the year. Delight in joyful abandon and romance under the Scandinavian sun as dancers celebrate and let their imaginations run wild. A tour de force that took Stockholm by storm.

North American Premiere


Add on these performances:

The Nutcracker

December 1-30, 2017

Choreography © by Christopher Wheeldon

Music: Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Journey inside Chicago's 1893 World's Fair with Wheeldon's critically acclaimed holiday masterpiece. When young Marie and her mother, a sculptress who is creating the fair's iconic Statue of the Republic, host a holiday party, a surprise visit from the charming Great Impresario sets off a Christmas Eve dream of whirlwind romance and adventure. A must-see tradition boldly reimagined for a new generation.


Gala Performance

April 20, 2018

Come together to celebrate with our vibrant creative community at this season's breathtaking gala performance, open exclusively to Joffrey subscribers and gala package donors. This special one-hour, one-night-only performance will include pieces hand selected by Artistic Director Ashley Wheater. Celebrate the end of another successful season with the Joffrey community.


Don't miss the highly anticipated first-ever collaboration with the Lyric Opera of Chicago!

Orphee et Eurydice

September 23-October 15, 2017

Fully reimagined by Director and Choreographer John Neumeier

Music: Christoph Willibald Gluck

One of opera's most beautiful masterpieces, Gluck's exquisite drama introduces us to Orpheus, the poet and musician whose every word and note communicate the most overwhelming love for his Eurydice. Refusing to accept her death, he courageously journeys to the Underworld to bring her back to life. Lyric presents Orphee et Eurydice in the Paris version, which contains thrilling ballet sequences that will come to vivid life under the direction and choreography of the legendary John Neumeier. This highly anticipated production marks Lyric's first collaboration with The Joffrey Ballet. 


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I'm curious to see the Ekman Midsummer, but wondering why Giselle?  So many companies do this work, and the Joffrey has so many other valuable historic works in their past repertory -- wouldn't it be more significant to bring back some of the Ballet Russe works rather than yet another Giselle (a ballet I love, but even so...)

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Giselle isn't quite in a league with Swan Lake and Nutcracker, but it seems to sell pretty well - at least, that's my impression on why this shows up on so many programs. For serious ballet lovers, the programs we most want to see seem to struggle to fill the theater - even in NYC, but especially in cities like Chicago (and Denver) that don't have a large, loyal ballet audience. Personally, I'm still hoping that PNB brings back their historic reconstruction of Giselle -- perhaps in 2018-19? I missed it before and would love to see it.

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11 hours ago, lmspear said:

The zeitgeist feels ripe for a revival of Arpino's The Clowns.  http://articles.latimes.com/1987-04-19/entertainment/ca-1694_1_clown


Indeed -- I've only seen still images from the work, but they're pretty powerful.


Honestly, I had forgotten that Hershy Kay did the score  ("an original 12-tone score by Hershy Kay, which another reviewer likened to 'the sound of computers gone mad.'").  I don't really care for his orchestrations for Western Symphony and Who Cares, but this sounds much more significant.

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