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PNB 2017-2018 season

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Moira McDonald got the story in the Seattle Times today.  They're opening the season with Jewels (new costumes by Jerome Kaplan), and going to the Les Etes de la Dance festival in Paris after their season ends in June.  In between we get quite a lot of fun stuff.  New to us: Plot Point (Crystal Pite) and RAku (Possokhov), altogether new: TBA (Ezra Thomson), and all kinds of things returning to rep: Her Door to the Sky (Jessica Lang), Afternoon Ball (Twyla Tharp), Red Angels (Ulysses Dove), Slingerland Duet and One Flat Thing, Reproduced (William Forsythe), Emergence (Crystal Pite), Tide Harmonic and After the Rain pas de deux (Christopher Wheeldon), Appassionata (Benjamin Millepied), Year of the Rabbit (Justin Peck).


Plenty of stuff to think about and speculate on, but for right now, those are the details.



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A very ambitious and exciting schedule for PNB. A number of ballets by female choreographers, which is great.

I hope Yuan Yuan Tan is going to be available to coach her role in RakU - I think it would contribute to a powerful performance. And Pascal Molat was tremendous as the Monk/Priest character, and he has just retired, so may be available for coaching (knock on wood).

Video about the Joffrey Ballet version:



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Wow just one story ballet, huh?  The rest looks intriguing, though I may go have a drink during One Flat Thing.  I was rather hoping for a reprise of Prodigal.


I am hoping for many debuts in O/O, but most particularly Sarah Ricard-Orza, who has the most delicate port de bras and is developing into an excellent dance-actress.  I shall perform many sacrifices to our Lady Terpsicore so she gets cast.  


Of course also hoping Elizabeth Murphy gets a go.  If Leta Biasucci and / or Angelica Generosa are cast I will be breaking my bank. But it would be worth it! 


A thought on Diamonds: would be lovely to have the PNBO play the first movement with the curtain closed.  Would be even better to have a slide show of pics of PNB dancers over the years rehearsing / dancing Diamonds during that first movement.    This would be a nice way to build anticipation for the new Diamonds costumes and show off the band.  Can anyone ever have too much Tchaikovsky? (Not me.)


Also excited that PNB is going to Paris for Les Etets de la Dans.  Now that POB is focusing on other creators, this will be Paris' best chance to see neo-classical danced as Balanchine taught it.  Plus PNB has 3 french dancers to show off.  


Here's hoping they can get back into the US when the company returns.  TSA / Customs are not terribly friendly (even to Americans) since Jan. 20.  

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2 hours ago, Helene said:

I'm really happy to see "Afternoon Ball" on the menu.  I wasn't sure I'd ever see it again.



Trying to remember who all was in the original cast, and who might be dancing it this time.  The first cast I saw was Wevers, Nakamura, Neshyba-Hodges, Milov, and Lallone.  I remember Eames in the Nakamura role later on, and possibly Porretta in the Neshyba-Hodges role.  Most of those dancers are long gone -- I'll be curious to see how it gets cast this time.

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1 hour ago, Jayne said:

Wow just one story ballet, huh?  The rest looks intriguing, though I may go have a drink during One Flat Thing.  I was rather hoping for a reprise of Prodigal.


Oh, I enjoyed One Flat Thing -- we'll just have to agree to disagree.

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