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Hamburg Ballet


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I just wanted to post a thread on the HAMBURG BALLET, headed by John Neumeier because it is a leading neo-classical company in Germany. They will be performing NIJINSKY, last year's world premiere by Neumeier at the Opera Garnier in Paris during January, 2003. Here is a link to their website: www.hamburgballett.de

Also, for more information about their season in Paris, go to the Paris Opera Webiste: www.opera-de-paris.fr

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THanks for starting htis thread, Terry..

Ballet lovers in SanFrancisco will be especially interested to read anything baout Elizabeth Loscavio, now ballerina with Hamburg, who was the most interesting dancer -- the most imaginative, most musical, wittiest, most accurate, but also the most daring classical dancer we had. How's she doing over there?

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Elizabeth has been doing fairly well in general, I think. She's tackled pretty much a lot of the roles that require strong technique; in fact, she will be dancing the principal role (Princess Natalia) in the DVD: "Illusions -- like Swan Lake" which will be out very soon. (check their website for more information.) She's also been dancing Neumeier's new version of "Giselle," a production which I haven't heard too many great things about. Last time I saw her live, she danced Princess Natalia in "Illusions -- like Swan Lake," and she didn't do very much for me, quite frankly. I don't think the classics suit her very much. But I saw her again, as Prudence Duvernoy in "La Dame aux Camelias," and I think she captured the role better this time. Elizabeth seems to be a versatile dancer, which seems to be the type of dancers that the SFB nurtures.

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Information about their new season can be found on their website. Next season looks like a lot of touring: to Opera Garnier, Paris in January, an Asian Tour in Feb/March, as well as performances at the Mariinsky Theater in July. Natalia Makarova will also be helping with her production of La Bayadere.

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I have seen "Wie es Euch gefällt" in Hamburg this year and i really liked it. I'm afraid my english is not good enough for a longer report, but if you live in Hamburg or if you're visiting Hamburg, go and see it!

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