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RIP Marta Garcia

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70's, 80's and 90's Havana favorite ballerina Marta Garcia has died.  


Garcia was a consummated technician, but more than that, a superb dramatic ballerina who was able to move large audiences with her histrionic skills.   She was always extremely gifted in characterization, and became famous interpreting those roles which required great demand of facial expressions. She was a truly master of the face as a vehicle and used this skill with no shyness at all to enhance her always thrilling performances. Garcia was also a master in those ballets which required some Spanish flavour. She was particularly superb in the Cuban version of Lorca’s Bodas de Sangre-(Blood Wedding), which became her trademark . Another ballet that she shined in was Alberto Mendez’ “Tarde en la Siesta” (see link above, on second post), a romantic homage to XIX Century Cuban female society, to the unique music of Ernesto Lecuona. This wonderful ballet at times pays homage to the great Antony Tudor, and it’s has been a trademark of the Cuban Company for many years. Garcia created the role of Soledad-(Loneliness), which describes the tormented soul of the woman.  It is hence fitting to report that Mr.Tudor was seen standing after a performance of Marta’s Soledad clapping feverishly, to which he then made the coment:. "What a wonderful "HAGAR" Marta Garcia would have been” .  I had the opportunity to see a lot of her dancing well into the 90's. Her Giselle was ravishing...her Mme Taglioni in Grand Pas de Quatre...exquisite. Garcia gave me many wonderful moments on enjoyment during my formative years of ballet viewing. 

RIP Mrs Marta Garcia.


As Giselle-(she pas past 40 here)



Pas Seul and Mad Scene-(hers has been THE mad scene I have always used in my mind to compare all the rest i have seen ever since. It was magnificent)

As Swannilda, with hubby Orlando Salgado.


As Lissette-(Fille Mal Gardee, after Nijinska for BT/Hertel)


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What sad news. When the Ballet Nacional de Cuba came to D.C. -- I think for the first time -- she was a huge favorite with many of us. I remember especially loving her Swanilda; my memories of Blood Wedding unfortunately are vaguer, but I know I admired her hugely in any and every role I got to see her dance.  I also have a memory-image of some extraordinarily centered turns that would certainly compete with any of today's master 'turners.' A wonderful ballerina--may she rest in peace.

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