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I really want an original - not copied - recording on NYCB Swan Lake. I want to convert it to DVD on my DVD machine. I will also make a DVD copy for the person who sends it to me + $45 to cover postage and handling.

It needs to sent to England (do not worry about NTSC video formats and other compatability issues - I will send you back a DVD in the American NTSC format!).

Anyone interested - please email me on eugdog@aol.com

BTW for the person who sends me it - I will put on DVD anything they want - either just send it to me or let me know what it is as I might have it.:D

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I didn't know you could do that! I have questions.

Do you make DVD copies off of tapes? Other DVD's?

You said you could make the DVD for USA formatting (zone 1). Can you take any tape/DVD from any area and copy/format it for zone 1?

You mentioned $45 for shipping and handling. I don't mean to quibble but isn't that a bit high? I don't know how much blank DVD's cost so that may factor in (didn't even know there were blank DVD's). Should we send you blank DVD's for what we want copied?

What is the quality of the copied DVD's? Do you lose something in the duplication?

I might think of other questions. Thanks so much for the offer, Eugene.


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Sorry I meant the $45 is what I shall pay to anyone who can send me a good quality copy of Swan Lake!

Regarding DVD copying - there several machines that record material on to DVD - but not from DVD to DVD as there is copy right protection. You can record off the TV or video. There is no loss of quality and the sound is excellent! I am gradually putting all my videos on DVD to ensure permanant preservation.

An NTSCvvideo source can be recorded to DVD but that DVD can only be played in an NTSC compatable DVD. European PAL videos covert to PAL compatable DVD. I cannot make a European PAL video to NTSC DVD. This is not a problem for European DVD as most are NTSC compatable.

Blank one-write DVDs cost $12-15 and give about 2 hours at best quality!

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I'm at a loss about these technicalities and unable to oblige in any case, but the thought occurred to me for those who may be interested: when you say "NYCB Swan Lake," do you mean the one-act Balanchine version or Peter Martins' full-evening one? I can't resist adding that why anyone would want a copy of the latter is beyond me. Good luck.

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Eugene, you've come to the right place. I taped the original May/99 broadcast on PBS on S-VHS. And better still, I have a DVD recorder Panasonic dmr-e20. I have my own supply of blank DVDs, I can send a DVD copy to you.

It's wonderful! I can watch Balanchine Celebrations over and over without worrying about wear and tear.

Eugene, can you tell me what you have. We can definitely do some exchanges. There may be titles that we don't have in the States.

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