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2017-18 Season

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The season ended with La fille mal gardée and what a treasure it is when danced by l'Opéra. Heymann — beauty, exactness, style and ease, Ould Braham — finesse and grace. Marque and Baulac were not far behind. And what a master Ashton was, every turn of music reflected in a choreographically meaningful, skillfully composed phrase, a ballet composeur, nobody is capable of this today.

Heymann and Ould Braham demonstrated that they are made to dance classics, that their element is classics, and they will be dancing classics, wherever it takes them. They will be dancing with other companies because they have so few opportunities at home. After witnessing recently at Mariinsky a drastic erosion of quality, where ballet after ballet was being performed in a lackluster, sometimes lousy, manner, where today even the corps de ballet can be an embarrassment to that famous stage, it seems to be a miracle that at l'Opéra there are still classical artists who aspire to the highest artistic standards, in spite of the repertoire policies hostile to classics.

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5 hours ago, naomikage said:

And Ould Braham, Heymann will also be dancing full length Don Quixote on July 27th in Tokyo as part of the World Ballet Festival.  I have tickets for them. 

Would love to read about that performance if/as you have the time. 

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