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Dr. Melissa Klapper and Barry Kerollis on Schools of Technique

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In this month's "Pirouettes from the Past" podcast, Dr. Melissa Klapper discusses different schools of ballet and their impact on dance training in America:



In a cross-over podcast -- the first of two -- Barry Kerollis takes on the different schools and techniques that are used today, and he's called on teachers from each school or type of training and has conveyed their answers and comments to his questions in this podcast.  It's Episode 44 on the iTunes list:



Part one covers Cecchetti (Diana Byer), RAD (Andrea Paris-Guttierez), and Paris Opera Ballet (Karin Averty and Sebastien Riou) training, plus Bournonville (Alex Pandiscio).


Next week's podcast covers Vaganova and Balanchine technique and Cuban training.

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Thanks for the link -- I'll be very interested in seeing her book when it comes out.  Many years ago I read through a press run of all of Dance Magazine (back to when it was American Dancer), and was fascinated at the variety of dance schools who advertised in there. Back then, the curriculum was "toe, tap and baton," and the ballet instruction seemed to be exclusively Russian.  I haven't done the reading that she's done on the beginnings of the RAD here in the US -- I did remember that it started on the west coast, but the rest was new to me.

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