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Is Margarita Shrayner "Zvezda" Material ??


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Well obviously someone else also thinks she is so that makes two of us !

I was able to see Shrayner only once at the Balshoy ballet gala last October

when she replaced Osipova as the Silfida against Belyakov on the second

night and I had written (below) at the time :

"OK Osipova is off (grumble) but "Silfida" tonight is none other than Margarita

Shreiner who has been at the back of my mind ever since Vaziev cast her as

Kitri on the ROH London tour. When she appears I almost think it's Natasha

again and I have misread the program but it's Shreiner all right : same height

and stature as Osipova and what a delight to discover. Excellent dancer as

Sylphide, charismatic, good characterisation, excellent technique - jetes may

not be on par with Natasha, for now ! I have to say this is zvezda material and

destined to become top Giselle if she is a hard worker and can act"

My fellow admirer has just posted a video on Youtube of Shrayner as Silfida :



Please do have a look - have I got it somehow right ??

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The Bolshoi seems to be developing her--that is giving her a lot of opportunities--so people more important and influential than other fans think you are right :wink:


By all accounts that I read last summer, the Kitri in London was not a success, and I myself did not care for her diamond fairy in the Bolshoi's Sleeping Beauty broadcast -- but she is still growing as a dancer and artist. I'm glad to read how much you enjoyed her Sylphide. I did enjoy some of the Sylphide video, but live performances remain the best way to judge.

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I also very much enjoyed Margarita's Sylphide.  She has wonderful elevation and ballon, and also great acting - she was a mercurial and mischievous Sylphide, who projected well and had great rapport with her partner, Belyakov.  

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Just saw Shrayner for the first time as Diamond Fairy in the recent Bolshoi Sleeping Beauty film. The most charitable thing that I can write: What an untidy dancer. Either she had an off night or she's way overhyped (Stepanova-style social-media blitz). On the other hand, other "new faces" in the same program, such as the Bluebird pdd couple (Denisova & Belyakov) or gorgeous Viktoria Litvinova as the White Cat, are far worthier of such hype.

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Dear Natalia I had tunneled into the Russia-only webcast of Sleeping Beauty but the livestream

broke up and changed resolution so often I cannot say anything about any of the cast. I really

liked Shrayner as Silfida at October's gala (and not only I) but her Diamond Fairy might not have

worked. I am going to pose a similar question on another young dancer under separate post and

would love to hear your view.

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I think Shrayner is definitely worth the "hype".  I have seen her in several solo roles, and most notably in La Sylphide, with Belyakov.   She has lovely stage personality - and her vivacity and expressions as the Sylph were really wonderful.  She makes great use of her eyes.   The mime scenes just seemed entirely natural and that's rare!  I think her outstanding quality is her ballon and elevation, and certainly she performed an impressive springy sequence of sissones in act 2 as well as easy, high floating grand jetes. .Technically, yes, Ii agree sometimes her footwork is a little untidy, but I think she is GREATLY talented.   As Sylphide, Kitri (which she debuted in London,) , many solo roles, I think she's an exciting prospect to watch.  

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As a latecomer to classical ballet I really cannot comment on technique - can only notice glaring

faults (like Stepanova not being able to do a proper 32 fouettée on the three occasions I saw

her dance the Medora-Ali pdd). But expession, presence, mime I crave for :  she must make me

believe she IS the Sylph, or Nikiya, or Kitri and not an "impersonator". Shakirova is no Zaharova

but when I saw her as Kitri at Mariinsky she WAS Kitri.

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It's a shame you did not see Stepanova execute the fouettes well.  I have seen her Odette-Odile several times, and she was flawless  in them - especially in the UK, where she threw in many doubles.  I agree with you about Shakirova!  She's not an adagio ballerina, but she is fast, generally turns well and has a good jump - she just has one of those very expressive faces, so she does become the character!  I like her very much!  

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23 hours ago, MadameP said:

I agree with you about Shakirova!  She's not an adagio ballerina, but she is fast, generally turns well and has a good jump - she just has one of those very expressive faces, so she does become the character!  I like her very much!  


Dear MadameP just discovered a very recently aired 6-part ballet docu by RT channel,

featuring among others Shakirova (in first episode I think). Also posted this link under

docus :  https://rtd.rt.com/tags/ballet/

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