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RIP Martha Swope

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I liked Delia Peters' comment:  “Having been a dancer, she understood the timing. She understood what they were going to do, she understood where the pictures were going to be.”  But this observation comes even closer for me:  "And she brought ... to those who couldn’t buy tickets." 


That's what good photography does for dance -- it can show us artworks that are no longer performed and artists who are no longer alive.  Swope (whose name I misread for years as "Swoop," which felt very appropriate) showed me a part of my community that I wasn't able to see in person.  I have always been very grateful.

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FYI a publicity photo for MOURKA. 


This photo appears on the opening pages of my copy of MOURKA, The Autobiography of a Cat, Sidgwick and Jackson Ltd/London/1965, with the following text:


"My name is Mourka.

I am an orange and white

Americat, male -- but

more about me later.

Let me tell you about

my feline tree."


Eventually, on the penultimate page of the text, there's a related photo, with the following caption:


"A falling satellite almost hit me,

but I dodged it gracefully."



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