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Yuan Yuan Tan TED Talk and other videos

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Yuan Yuan Tan TED Talk Shanghai: My Life as a Ballerina

The first half is in Chinese: we get to see some images of YYT as a child. In the second half of the presentation there are dance clips  (this part is in English - perhaps originally there were two presentations, one in Chinese, one in English). YYT mentions that a documentary about Possokhov's Raku is being made!


Twelve minutes of Esmeralda Grand Pas de Deux with Yuan Yuan Tan and Felipe Diaz(!)

SFB's Othello with Yuan Yuan Tan and Desmond Richardson

Now and Then by John Neumeier Yuan Yuan Tan Vito Mazzeo

Carmen solo dance

Yuan Yuan Tan & Friedemann Vogel Swan Lake Pas de Deux

Swan Lake adagio Yuan Yuan Tan and José Martinez

Short YYT documentary with English subtitles

COACH commercial with YYT - "Embrace Revolving Time and Dance to a Wonderful Life"
A very Chinese aesthetic with dollops of capitalism.  ;)

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