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Jane Simpson

Alexander Bozinoff promoted to soloist at RDB

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The Canadian dancer Alexander Bozinoff was promoted to soloist this morning - he joined the RDB in 2011 and has danced the Prince in Nutcracker and Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet in the last couple of years, and is doing the White Rabbit in the current run of Wheeldon's Alice.


(Hubbe seems in a generous mood this last year or so - that's four new male soloists as well as the three women who've been promoted to principal!)

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Congratulations to Mr Bozinoff! I was really touched by his reaction in the video that the theatre put online.


I suppose that they could be trying to fill up the male soloist ranks young, since quite a few severely underused or older men have sat there for a while, thinking Stæger and Hansen here, plus Matiakis who recently retired. Not to mention that if Hübbe eventually promotes someone like Jonathan Chmelensky, Jon Axel Fransson or even Andreas Kaas to principal to cover for the half-spot that Lendorf's work with the ABT has left behind and there's an abundance of female principals now to partner, then they will indeed need more male soloists, too. 


Now I'm just waiting for the same to happen with the female soloist ranks, because with all the principal promotions, they could really use some new female soloists!

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