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SFB Podcasts: New website, New Location

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We can now access the many great podcasts of Meet the Artist interviews and Point of View lectures here:



At the present time, the archive of pre-2016 podcasts is not available, but it will happen.

Something I noticed about the new page, which is a little frustrating, is that the various podcasts listed need to load - and they all attempt to do so at the same time. The first couple of podcasts at the top of the page never seemed to load, so I just went on and played other podcasts. Eventually the first few did load successfully, but it's not a great approach, to force people to sit and wait for all these downloads to occur (or rather, to discover that the podcasts will not play right away, until the load bars have advanced a ways).



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The SFB Podcast page is now divided into 4 sections:

Pointes of View Lectures - Company artists and visiting scholars provide insight into the creative processes that helped shape our ballets and a historical context in which to appreciate them.
Meet the Artist Interviews - Our popular pre-performance Meet the Artist Interviews (MTAs) spotlight a work to be performed that afternoon/evening. These informative talks feature artists and choreographers in conversation with a moderator.
To the Pointe - Need something to listen to on your way to the theater? Join Jennie Scholick, PhD as she hosts To the Pointe, for an in-depth but light-hearted exploration of an upcoming performance. Learn what to look for, what’s important, and what you need to know to get the most out of your experience, all with a dash of humor.
Demi Pointe - San Francisco Ballet's Demi-Pointe Podcast is a bite-sized taste of our upcoming programs, hosted by Associate Director of Audience Engagement, Jennie Scholick, PhD. Get a quick overview of what you're about to see and learn what to look for, what's important, and what you most need to know.

A Meet the Artist interview with Frances Chung from March 9th is still to be posted...

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6 hours ago, sandik said:

Thanks for the nudge!


Recommended: the Meet the Artist interview with Sofiane Sylve, and how it relates to her recent Master Class talk with Ballet West students

The Stories of Serenade with James Steichen is of interest too, though I think he gets hung up trying to dispel 'myths and legends'. He should listen to Alastair Macaulay's interview on the subject of Serenade

Sasha De Sola talks about dancing Aurora in Sleeping Beauty and is always very well spoken.

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6 hours ago, sandik said:

The pile of books I need to read is threatening to topple over, and it looks like my "must-listen" list will be taking over my hard drive soon!

At least podcasts and other audio media free you up to do something else at the same time. Books don't allow for much else beyond quiet background music. I prefer silence when I'm reading a book.

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It's hard for me to listen thoughtfully and write, except for low-key email tasks.  And I don't listen to podcasts with a mobile device (just through my desktop computer) so that cancels out cooking and cleaning.  I'm obviously behind the times...


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