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Finding "traditional" Nutcracker production/s on DVD?


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Hello, I don't know much at all about ballet but make occasional blundering forays into it. I was hoping to get some advice; I'd like to watch a DVD of this Nutcracker ballet that seems to get mentioned every time Christmas rolls around, but which I've never seen. I would like to watch a "traditional" version of the ballet, but the various productions' DVDs' descriptions and reviews online seem to almost always talk about new twists and creative reinterpretations. Might anyone be able to recommend a good "traditional" production or two that are available on DVD? (Honestly I'm not even sure if it makes sense to talk about a "traditional" version of this ballet anyway; perhaps there is no such thing?) Thank you for your help!

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On 19.11.2016 at 5:54 PM, JMcN said:

Birmingham Royal Ballet's version is magnificent.  It was made by Sir Peter Wright, who also made the Royal Ballet's version.


Yesterday on an Air Canada flight I happened upon an Australian Ballet performance of this production filmed in 2014. I checked, and it is available on DVD in Australia, albeit probably with the Australian/New Zealand/Latin American regional code. The company has it on sale in its online shop.


If anyone is planning to fly Air Canada in the nearest future, you can find the film in the "TV" section, filed under "Music" as Peter Wright's The Nutcracker.

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