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Bolshoy Ballet Artists' Galas 22-23 October


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On first night the first piece was Pdd from Talisman. First time
I saw this live and really enjoyed it. Darya Hahlova is a sweet
cute thing and paired by Lapatin was a joy to watch imho.

Second piece was "Spring Waters" (Rahmaninov-A Messerer)
danced by Tihomirova-Ovcharenko now man&wife. This I did
not know and was absorbing it but something happened and
it was cut short : the dancers disappeared into the wing and
did not reappear, the music played on to an empty stage for a
short while and stopped - not knowing the music I could not tell
whether this was it or whether Maestro Sarokin gave a wink to
the players. I thought I saw Ovcha wince as he caught Tixo just
before this ..... next night will show whether he was injured.

Third piece Pdd from Flames of Paris danced by Diana Kosyreva
and Igor Tsvirko. I did not know Kosyreva well and imho she was
charismatic and with perfect technique. Tsvirko is a known asset
and seemed was out to prove that anything Vasiliev can do he
also can.

Fourth piece maybe the high point of the first half : Pdd from
Sylphide with Osipova-Belyakov ! First time this poor soul was
able to set eyes on Natasha in flesh, after traveling to London
three times in the past only for her to get injured and pull out.
As expected she was an excellent Sylphide, but she really is a
fragile little thing which maybe one does not notice on TV or
Youtube ..... I decided to forgive her the misery she caused me.

Fifth piece the Grand Pas from Raymonda with full cast ! Katya
Krysanova, second only to Zaharova on my roster, with Gudanov
as JdB. Katya is special, was great I thought .... my friend said
"Yeah - Katya loves being a queen, not so much being a peasant !"
The variation was danced by Margarita Shreiner, who got noticed
when Vaziev suddenly cast her as Kitri one night during Balshoy's
London tour. Could not tell whether she is zvezda material, but more
was to come ...

Second half started with a surprise cancellation announcement : no
Spectre de la Rose with Vinogradova-Gudanov !  OK we know Maria
gave birth a few months ago but there is not much strenuous dancing
for the "Rose" in SdlR is there ?? She gets her maternity breaks !!

So we jump to Valse (Moshkovskiy-Vainonen) danced by Ryzhkina
and Savin. Nice music, but really cannot recall much about what the
dance looked like, must find it on Youtube sometime to refresh.

Up comes "a high point" of the second part : the Pdd (Pas de Ruban)
from "Shetnaya Predostorojnost" ....... you would know it as "FMG".
(most Russians would not know what you mean if you said "FMG" !)
Anyway, Natasha Osipova was very cute in what is said to be her sig-
nature role and much is made of it by some people I know, but I would
like to see Natasha as Giselle or Kitri and really not allocate my hard
earned cash to Shetnaya. Colas was Lapatin, plus 8 ruban bearers.

Now something which I had not seen live before : Diana & Akteon Pdd
from Esmeralda, with Krysanova-Tsvirko. My, what an imposing Diana
Katyusha is ..... cannot help recall my friend's words above ! Excellent
poise, technique and presence imho. Thoroughly enjoyed it, memorable.


The runnerup to closing number was Mort de Cygne, also a ubiquitous

gala piece. Anna Nikulina put on a great show but for some reason this

piece does not touch my heart, no matter who dances it. Maybe I should

have psychoanalysis ?? (My Moscow mentor Vita just texted if I had seen

Lapatkina live and was not touched I should really go see a psych !)


So we come to the last number : Grand Pas Classique, danced by Olga
Smirnova and Simyon Chudin, regular partners lately. This gala piece is
really not one of my favourite numbers (would opt for Don Kixot Grand
Pas every time !) maybe due to my poor taste and/or ignorance. How-
ever must confess Smirnova-Chudin really shone and maybe stole the
show. Once again excellent artistry, presence, spot-on timing and tech.
Chudin imho the Siegfried/Desirée for all time, par excellence !!

Surprisingly little clamour at the end, very few curtain calls though Osi-
pova had not jetted off and appeared. So unlike the Balshoy crowd I got
to know ..... wonder whether the audience profile is different for the New
Stage where this show was staged. My take on the second night to follow !

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