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How Can I Do One or More Partial Quote(s) on the BA! Website?


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These instructions are for the website.  It doesn't work for me in the Android version of the mobile app, and I don't have other touch-screen devices to test it on.


The functionality is quite elegant, and it allows you to mix and match full and partial quotes from a thread.  For partial quotes, you have to do them one at a time, and they will be added to the "Reply" box.


To a section of a post, highlight the section with your mouse, and a little "Quote this" box should appear.  If you click it, the reply box should be populated automatically with the quote, so that you can respond to it.


For example, in this post:



If I want to quote the section about Ferri's appearance dates in "Onegin"

This Quote.jpg



I highlight it with my mouse, and when I release the mouse button, "Quote this" appears:





Quote this.jpg


After I click "Quote this", the quote appears in the reply box at the bottom of the page:

Quote in Reply.jpg


If you want to add more quotes, highlight another section of the post, and repeat:


Quote 2.jpg


You can add an entire quote from another post to your reply by clicking the "Quote" link from the bottom left of the post:

Quote 2 Plus Whole Post.jpg


You can also add a partial quote from another post by highlighting the selection with your mouse and clicking "Quote this:"


Quote 2 with Whole and Partial Quotes.jpg


It also works with the Multi-quote function (the "+" to the left of the "Quote" link in the bottom left of the post and clicking the multi-quote counter in the bottom right of the screen:




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