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Suzanne Farrell Ballet Millennium Stage preview Live Stream October 12, 2016 at 6 PM ET

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These events take place on a small semi-permanent stage at one end of the Grand Foyer at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, and are not only live-streamed, but in recent years, archived as well, among the other Millennium Stage videos on kennedy-center.org, for viewing on demand.  


I expect the repertory to include excerpts from the repertory of the upcoming Eisenhower Theater shows over the October 21-23 weekend, all Balanchine ballets: Gounod Symphony, Danses Concertantes, and Stars and Stripes.  Tickets for these Eisenhower Theater shows are available here: http://www.kennedy-center.org/calendar/event/BRBSB#tickets  


Millennium Stage previews are free (every day of the year at 6:00 PM, with different performers each day).

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I was able to watch most, but not all of the live broadcast. Definitely fun to watch the Concertantes and Gounod excerpts. I really enjoy these coaching sessions (the Gounod presentation), and it goes well with all the World Ballet Day footage we have to watch. I was definitely left wanting to see more of Gounod.

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For those who couldn't watch the live stream, or could only watch part of it, it's up for viewing on demand in the Kennedy Center Millennium Stage archive.  


When you get the video playing, you can nudge the progress button in the bar at the bottom of the video window left or right to navigate (or press your space bar to stop it where it is).  Here are some playing-time points where the three ballet excerpts begin:



[04:02] Danses Concertantes (three numbers out of eight altogether)


       [04:02] March  The cast of fourteen appear in groups - four trios and a pair - in the order they will appear

                                    in in the middle of the ballet; in the full performance, this number is followed by a pas

                                    d'action for all of them, and then four pas de trois, a pas de deux, and a finale to a      

                                    repeat of the March.  Here, we skip ahead to the third and fourth pas de trois, and stop

                                    there.  (The pas de deux pair here are Valerie Tellment-Henning and Kirk



       [05:52] "Blue" pas de trois


                                   Jane Morgan        Claire Stallman         Ted Seymour


       [08:15] "Red" pas de trois


                                        Melanie Riffee       Katie Gibson        Ian Grosh



[12:59] Gounod Symphony (second movement, Allegretto, out of the three on the program)


                                      Natalia Magnicaballi        Michael Cook


                                Melanie Riffee      Lauren Breen      Audra Johnson


                                 Claire Stallman     Amber Neff     Bethany Lowrie


                                               Cassidy Hall      Katie Gibson



[24:15] Stars and Stripes pas de deux adagio


                                                Allynne Noelle        Thomas Garrett



I may be able to post more details here as time goes by; others with information like this - in particular, those with dancer identifications - feel free to post or to PM me.



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Added details about Danses Concertantes and more casting
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You can see her and Thomas Garrett's Millennium Stage Preview performance of the "Stars" pas de deux adagio right now, if you like.


The video of the preview is up on the Kennedy Center web site, and if you open that page and let the video load into your computer (indicated by the black "thermometer" column creeping toward the right in the progress bar at the bottom of the video window), then (using your computer's cursor) you can move the white button there over until the running-time number (at the left end of the bar) says 24:15, and they will dance for you. 


The fact that Noelle and Garrett were in the Preview suggests pretty strongly that they will dance at least some of the weekend performances in the Eisenhower theater over the weekend of the 21st through the 23rd, so you should have some chance.  I'm certainly looking forward to seeing the whole repertory there myself.


I have a "posting in process" here myself, where I try to provide a guide to that video.  As I get information, I edit it in there. 



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Repertory in Review's list of subsequent casts of its NYCB catalog of works, which came out in 1977, does not list Farrell for the Fourth Campaign, so it might be safe to assume that she didn't dance the pas de deux.


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On 10/15/2016 at 4:35 PM, pherank said:

From the Gounod Symphony rehearsal:


"Now you dance because of him. not for him."
-that's an interesting distinction, and I wonder if the dancers even understand what the difference would be.


That is indeed interesting.  The further we get from the living choreographer, the more we know them through their works rather than through their direct influence. 

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1 hour ago, sandik said:

That is indeed interesting.  The further we get from the living choreographer, the more we know them through their works rather than through their direct influence. 


Farrell at least still has Mr. B's voice in her head. Very possibly this is a remark he made long ago.

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