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Hello...back and with some great news!


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On 11/10/2016 at 10:36 AM, Mashinka said:

Delighted to hear the news and realize now how redundant my suggestion of coming to London to see the Skeaping Giselle was.  As a kindred spirit as far as appreciation of the 'mature ballerinas' goes I've missed you, happy you are back to posting again.


All best wishes to you and your new daughter.

Aaaww..thank you dear Mashinka!! I DEDINITELY plan many European traveling for baby Elizabeth, and London...welll...it is deeply engraved in my heart. We will be there!!???

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Thank you ALL for your overwhelming responses, which I will print and save in a scrapbook I am making for baby Elizabeth. One thing I would like to share is that in her very first night and back into our room at the hospital, I put my cell phone next to her to play her very first music into this world. It was Mr. T's "Serenade". ??????

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12 hours ago, diane said:

this is so dear! Oh, that all children could be so cherished and loved! 

What a wonderful welcome for this tiny, new human! How charming! 



Thanks Diane!! The moment was truly magic. She was asleep...everything very quiet...her mom also asleep and I had her next to me. I really didn't have to think twice before picking "Serenade". It just felt as a natural sound for welcoming Lizzy.  When the first accords of thr strings sounded...everything looked perfect.

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