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Hello...back and with some great news!


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Hello friends!  It has been quite a period of time since I have been active on this board, which I miss dearly. Ever since I came back from Russia I have been extremely busy with some great challenging life events, which I would love to share here with all of you, as I REALLY find this cyber place, on a personal level,  very warm and friendly.  So allow me to share some great news. Without any more delays, it is my pleasure to announce that I will becoming a father this November.  A beautiful baby girl named Elizabeth Cristina will be coming to this world as a result of a long and lovingly crafted process between me and my very best friend.  I am really happy, and we are paving her way in a grand manner. I come from a very short family.  I'm an only child, and didn't have any cousins either.  My mother has only one sister, and she has three sons, older than me, who never had kids of their own.  So this baby will be the ONLY daughter, niece and grandchild.

On other matters, I started a new job in a new hospital, in an oncology/surgical step down unit.  It is a very demanding post, but one I'm willing to conquer.

So...this is it.  Just wanted to share my happiness.  Cheers!!!!


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16 hours ago, diane said:

That is amazging! I am so happy for you! You will never be the same again, you know; your life is about to change forever! 



Congrats as well on your new job! Challenging, for sure, but probably also rewarding. 





Thank you diane!! I'm really looking forward to those:wub::wub: challenges!! 

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