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How do I cover & decorate my daughter's professional tutu?

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Hello lovely & creative Ballet Moms! I’m feeling a little frustrated because I am finding it really difficult to get quality information about how to cover my daughters tutus. I really want her to have a professional tutu base, but I was hoping to be able to save some money {long term} by learning how to cover and decorate the tutus myself. Has anybody else done this? How did you learn? Any advice? Thoughts?

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Hello Clarissa,


You've joined Ballet Alert!, the audience site.  You are looking for our sister site, Ballet Talk for Dancers (BT4D):




You'll need to register for BT4D separately, and they have different registration policies as well as board policies.  For example, they only accept school, company, organization, ISP, and AOL email addresses.




I'm going to close this thread, now.

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