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What Are My Options to Change Custom Searches (Activity Streams)?


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When you click on an activity stream, the steam customization bar appears.

Here is a list of the options for changing the custom search criteria for activity streams from the stream customization bar:

Search Customization Bar.png

Show me: -- this is not where you filter out Calendar events.

  • For all but "Content I Follow," the system default is "Items only"
  • For "Content I Follow," the system default is " "Content items, comments, and reviews."  Comments and reviews (the system-defined feature) are not supported on Ballet Alert!

1-Show Me.png


Custom Types:  -- this is where you filter out Calendar events.

  • The system default is "All Content."
  • Other options, not mutually exclusive if you select at least one, are:
    • Topics
    • Events (Calendar)
    • Blog Entries

2-Content Types.png

You can customize "Topics," "Events," and/or "Blog Entries" by clicking on the little wheel, then clicking the "Select" button which will allow you to narrow your options.  (We only have one calendar.)  Step-by-step instructions to select topics is included in this thread.

Content Type Customizations.png


Read Status:

Read Status has two types of options that work independently:

  • Content
    • For "Unread Content," the system default is "Content I haven't read."
    • For all others, the system default is "Everything."
  • Navigation:
    • System default is "Unread item links take me to the top of the page."
    • Other option, "Unread links take me to the first unread comment."

3-Read Status.png



  • For "Content I Started," the system default is "Content I Started."
  • For all others, the system default is "Everything"


  • Options:
    • Content I started
    • Content I posted in
    • Content by specific members
      • Opens up a box to list members by board name.
        • As you start typing, matches will appear
        • Once selected, the name will appear.  To delete, click the "x."


Content by Member.png

Content by specific members.png




  • The system default is "Content items I follow."
  • For all others, the system default is "Everything.



Time Period:

  • The system default is "Any time."

6-Time Period.png

  • Other options are:
    • Since my last visit
    • Specified number of days:

6a-Time Period Number of Days.png

  • Specific date range (clicking in the box brings up the triangle, which, when clicked, brings up a calendar)

6-Time Period.png



  • System default is "Newest activity first."
  • Other option is "Oldest activity first."


6b-Time Period Date Range.png

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