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Ardani Gala, Fri. Aug. 19


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F.Y.I. the following has come from the press rep. for ARDANI 25 DANCE GALA:

<<Diana Vishneva suffered a foot injury and cancelled last night.  Mariinsky soloist with the appropriate name of Philipp Stepin, who was on vacation in California, arrived this morning on the Redeye to replace her.  The role of Louis XIV was originally choreographed on Mr. Stepin.>>

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As you say, Olga the role was created for Kolb. I can't help wondering why an outfit seemingly as well off as Ardani didn't bring any covers for their dancers.

Also, while I like Filip Stepin, I really didn't want to see him coming in exhausted, with no real rehearsal time (actually, I feared he was simply thrown into the ballet because he was in the U.S.) I complained to the box office and received a full refund, no problem.

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