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Fairy coaches

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Francis Mason was here this weekend, and I asked him if he knew which Cupid Balanchine had played. (Mason collaborated with Balanchine on the Stories of the Great Ballets and had, thus, conversed with Mr. B about such important things.) He said that Balanchine's Cupid had sat atop one of the fairy coaches, that in that production (and this would have been in 1916), each fairy had a coach, and made her entrance in a coach in the Prologue.

DOUG, do you know if this was something added later (post 1903) OR, if not, why they're not in this production?

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I've always thought he was a cupid on Canari's cage in Act III. I have an 1890 group picture of the Act III characters and Canari is in a big bird cage with little kids sitting on the edges. The Kirov includes this in their production. Balanchine wrote, "I also appeared as a cupid on one of the carriages in the final act," (Balanchine's Complete Stories ... page 746).

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