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On 8/19/2016 at 5:37 AM, Emma said:

The website has been updated to include the recently promoted apprentices.  Congratulations to Christopher Grant, Rachel Hutsell, Sasonah Huttenbach, and Alston MacGill!


That's great, and I am pretty excited about Alston. I've never had the chance to see her dance but have heard great things about her. It is no surprise she was hired in the Corps.

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I saw "Thou Swell" a week or so ago, with several of the new batch of apprentices. I was astonished at how short several of the new women are. On the other hand, in "Stars and Stripes" I spotted a girl I didn't recognize (assume it was an apprentice) who seemed exceedingly tall. 

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Yes, over the decades, NYCB has seen lots of family members dancing at the same time.  Many of you long-time NYCB goers can probably add to my list:


Neary sisters

D'Anboise (father and son)

Frame brothers

Borne sisters

Otto brothers

Stafford siblings (brother now at SAB)


Any others you can remember?

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