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New School Directors Announced

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As a professional in the ballet world and as someone with a deep allegiance to Pennsylvania Ballet may I say, the world of ballet is dancing Balanchine just as the world of ballet is dancing Petipa. A well trained dancer is needed to do both simultaneously. Whether or not these new directors of the School of the Pennsylvania Ballet are the right choice to implement Vaganova schooling is left to be seen. Merde to all!

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On 7/27/2016 at 6:01 AM, its the mom said:

I know it is supposed to be official info only. I know one of their students, and the letter they were sent told them that they would do both. I am not sure how this is possible.


Apparently it wasn't possible to "do both" (that is, run their old school and the Pennsylvania Ballet school):



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1 hour ago, California said:

All the more disturbing, as the 2017-18 schedule includes the Balanchine Nutcracker, Jewels, and T&V.


Doesn't the Trust send somebody out to rehearse works, even if the company already knows them? And one wonders how many of the continuing dancers do know all of these.

Yes, they normally do send someone if there is nobody on staff qualified to teach and rehearse it.  I wonder the same thing about the dancers - cannot imagine the aesthetic of it all.  

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On 4/21/2017 at 10:16 AM, California said:

Kyra Nichols and her husband David Gray are leaving the Pennsylvania Ballet:



They won't say just yet where they are going. And the company isn't clear that she will be replaced.

Kyra Nichols (and Carla Korbes) are heading to Indiana University. Nichols will hold the endowed chair held by Violette Verdy. 



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