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Okay, Summer's over. New topic, please

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"Swan Lake" has been here long enough, I think. Now that the season has begun, I'd like to begin another one.

The floor is open for nominations. (Remember that we've already done "Giselle" and "Coppelia.")

The Swan Lake posts will be moved into a Swan Lake Archive tomorrow. Last chance to post Thoughts on Swan Lake.

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How about Sleeping Beauty now (it seems to have the most votes) and Cinderella whenever we finish Sleeping Beauty?

Scottie, there are a few videos out of Cinderella -- there isn't a standard version (as there is for Giselle or Sleeping Beauty) but there is a recently released version of Ashton's "Cinderella" with Antoinette Sibley and Anthony Dowell that is very good, I think. (I admire the choreography, but the dancing, too, is excellent. A rare chance to see great stars in their prime rather than past-peak.) There are also a few videos of Russian Cinderellas -- do a search on Amazon. You'll find some.

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