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Next Step 2016 and PNB PDs

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I was at Next Step last night (as well as the studio rehearsal on Tuesday) and it was a really lovely evening for the students and the young choreographers. For me, the most choreographically interesting pieces were Miles Pertl's and Kile Davis's.

Pertl's was clearly influenced by his time in Europe working w/ choreographers at Stuttgart and the Het National. It used lots of floor work; seemed to be drawing on the dancers' own improvisations; and created some interesting vocabulary.

Davis's was fiendishly hard and used groupings/composition in interesting and complex ways. Definitely the most sophisticated of the evening's pieces. There were many bobbles by the dancers, but they were clearly hoping/wishing/praying their way through sections. I remember Katita Waldo once saying in an interview that with most ballets, you know you you can do them in the studio, so there's no reason not to believe fully that you can do it on stage--if something goes wrong, it's a fluke--but that Forsythe's Vertiginous is one of the very few ballets that you just don't know if you'll be able to do it on any given day, either in the studio or on stage! This was one of those ballets. Tricky partnering; complex footwork; fast, multiple turns. I applaud all the dancers for putting it out there, even if it didn't always work!

Standout dancers were Erika Crawford, Bella Ureta, Madison Abeo, and Kuu Sakuragi.

I unfortunately left my program in a bar after the performance, so if someone has one/is going to the school show today and can fill in where some of the other PDs are going, that would be great, but this is what I have from memory and I'll also include links if available online.

Madison Abeo--PNB Apprentice (https://www.instagram.com/p/BDMx7YDIfb6/?taken-by=mad_rayn)

Bella Ureta--BB II

Helena Thordal-Christensen--LA Ballet (losangelesballet.org/helena-thordal-christense…)--She's Colleen Neary's daughter

Claire Barrington--Alberta Ballet II

Clay Murray--BB II (https://www.instagram.com/p/BD6kJ-ZIE1Q/?taken-by=claymurray)

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Pacific Northwest Ballet: Madison Abeo, Dammiel Cruz, and Leah Terada

Alberta Ballet II: Claire Barrington

Hubbard Street Dance: Isaac Bates-Vinueza

Ballet Austin II: Matt Gattozzi

Carolina Ballet: Raum-Aron Gens-Ostrowski

Carolina Ballet Summer Trainee: Kaylee Grippando

Oregon Ballet Theatre 2: Marlena Jackson-Retondo

Nevada Ballet Theatre II: Madeline McMillan

Boston Ballet II: Clay Murray, Balla Ureta

Grand Rapids Ballet Apprentice: Dillon Perry, Levi Teachout

Louisville Ballet Trainee: Sarah Potgieter

Los Angeles Ballet: Helena Thordal-Christensen, Shelby Whallon

Ureta and Teachout are DanceChance graduates. Patricia Barker has a great eye!

Jesse Newman will attend Whatcom Community College, and Mikayla Lambert will attend Smith College.

Bates-Vinueza and Chris Brown will be attending the Royal Danish Ballet School this summer.

Two of the Level VIII Graduates will be in the PNB Professional Division next year: Andre Alabastro and Nazirah Taylor. Also Gemma Garlisch will join the Cinevox Junior Company in Switzerland and Miranda Stuck will be a Joffrey Ballet of Chicago Trainee and attend University of Arizona School of Dance.

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