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Sleeping Beauty Fan Recorded Video's

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I found some fan recorded video's on Youtube of ABT's new Sleeping Beauty for those of you who are going to see the new production for the first time and are curious about the choreography and costumes. Vishneva is Aurora and I believe Cassandra Trenary, who is having her debut as Aurora, is Princess Florine but I'm not sure.





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Lovely! I will never get there to see it, so this was really a treat! I love the speed and the epaulment and the upper-body movement overall in what I have seen here; I do not miss hugely high legs or things of that sort at all. :)

The costumes are really quite scrumptious, too; though I am not a fan of wigs; but they have their place. I guess.

(is it even legal to have these things online??)


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Thank you, I would never have thought to look for these. So wonderful, especially the ethereal Vishneva as Aurora--just exquisite--and the light as a feather Simkin. He really embodied Florine. I feel transported by them!

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Thank you for posting! I have been hoping to get chance to see what Ratmansky's new 'Sleeping Beauty' looks like. :thanks:

Very interesting clips! Without 180 degree extensions, Aurora and Fairies are even more lovely and cute. The dancers look more careful and with exceptional caution, therefore, they seem to dance in front of Emperor and Empress. :wub:

One thing about the costumes in this production is very different from my imagination. I remember that Ratmansky says: "In the old days, you could not show your underwear to Emperor and Empress."
So, I guess that the bell-shaped skirts would still look like bells when the dancers were turning, maybe, about 120 degree or less, such as the skirt of Lilac Fairy in the 3rd video from 5:15.
Actually, the skirts of Aurora and other Fairies would turn to be flat, like tutus. :innocent:

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