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"Girl Through Glass"

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A review by Jean Lenihan of Sari Wilson's Girl Through Glass. Has anyone read it?

Rather than use the mad ballerina trope — the popular shorthand for mind-body dualism — Wilson’s dancer is unabashedly committed, talented, and progressive. Mira Able is a rather sullen, disappointed girl (read miserable), but she’s not conflicted mentally or physically when it comes to dance. Her newly separated parents are distracted elsewhere, and her talent appears to be truly her own. She’s not the embodiment of a choreographer’s vision, a muse or an open channel. In the face of sequential disintegrations and reorganizations in her home life, Mira experiences greater and greater wholeness in the studio: “the feeling of becoming something irrefutable, becoming beautiful, defying life.” She confidently seeks admission to Balanchine’s inner circle with plans to audition first for the school, then the company.
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I started it and didn't get very far before I gave up. It just didn't grab me - I found the author's voice very choppy and didn't find the characters compelling. I'm finding lately that if a book doesn't get my attention pretty quickly I give myself permission to put it aside. If anyone else liked it, please report - maybe I'll give it another shot.

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