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Pavel Dmitrichenko Released On Parole


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In the end, Filin's enemies got what they wanted. Filin is no longer in charge, Tsiskaridze is in a position of power, albeit at the Vaganova academy and not the Bolshoi, Vorontsova is dancing the roles she wants at another company.

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This make me almost physically ill! I guess having a husband who has known Filin for many years, plus the interaction I've had with him, and even more so the way he treated my son doesn't make me a very unbiased observer. But even if Dmitrichenko was a patsy, as many people believe, he still deserved to finish his sentence. This whole plot nearly destroyed a man's career and for what? Because a few members of the Bolshoi thought they should have been the director or should have better roles etc? He had an opportunity to do the right thing but instead he decided to fight dirty. I cannot even imagine what Filin and his family are going through. So very sad

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I can't imagine what it must be like for Filin who knows the guy who ordered the acid attack is once again living in his apartment building! I imagine it's a very large building, but still...It was chilling to read Dmitrichenko's words linking the prospect of increased ticket sales (therefore, the Bolshoi should rehire him!) to his imprisonment for ordering the attack. It was equally chilling to read his remark about how he can easily forget the past. I'm hoping that's bravado.

Hopefully, he won't be able to get back into enough shape to pass an audition. I don't trust that the powers-that-be wouldn't hire him if he gets back into dance shape. If they did, can you imagine it? Both he and Filin would then work and live in the same places. The only good thing I could hope for if they had contact is that Dmitrichenko, on seeing Filin, might feel guilt. That is, if he has a conscience.

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I can't get the link to work, but if you go to Tsiskaridze's tumblr you'll see a photo of Dmitrichenko being embraced by Grigorovich when he visited the Bolshoi last week. A second photo shows him in class at Ilya Kuznetzov's Dance Secrt studio. Nobody there seems to find this disturbing.

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