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Giannina Mooney

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I have some sad news about a very beloved, long-time poster, Giannina Mooney. I just learned from a friend of hers (who spoke with her husband) that Giannina died last week (May 21). She had been ill for some time, so this was not unexpected, but I know all of those who knew her and read her posts with pleasure will miss her.

Giannina was one of our very first posters. She passionately loved ballet and saw a great many performances. Her posts were always fun to read and very important to the board. Many will also remember her as our beloved Welcome Lady. She would welcome every new poster when they found the board and help them get settled in.

Rest in peace, and much love, Giannina.

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Giannina was a beloved member of Ballet Alert! and Ballet Talk for Dancers for so many years. I loved to read about performances she saw while visiting family and her warm welcome to new members.

My condolences to her husband and children and their families and her friends, including her virtual ones.

Rest in peace, Giannina.

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I had the great pleasure of getting to know Giannina in 'real life' after first meeting her on this forum: for a long time she and her husband came over to London every spring, mostly to see the Royal Ballet, and we used to spend a morning together over coffee and pastries, she and I putting the ballet world to rights whilst our husbands talked about ... something else, I guess - we didn't take time out to listen!

It's a couple of years now since she could make the journey, but we still spoke online until a few months ago. It's a sad loss for all her family and also for the many friends she made through Ballet Alert.

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So sad. Giannina was in our California office and would give us reviews of ABT, Mariinsky and others from the west coast. She'd also always make a trip to Europe, DC or NY. In one of those trips I remember meeting her at a coffee shop near Lincoln Center and just talking ballet before we both made a show. She was a great Welcome Lady here, too, always with the right thing to say to make a newbe feel at home. I will miss her.

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