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Hello from Arizona!


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Hello. I'm a new member here!

My name is Corina and I live in sunny Arizona. I recently turned 19 and as the "curious and curiouser" person that I am, I have begun to see what new art I can dig my feet into which led me to grow a desire to try ballet.

I like to try new things and have done a few different pastimes from learning guitar, taking singing and drum lessons, and doing photography. I've always been interested in the arts and have always found myself with a passion for music. I realized that one thing I have not attempted due to lack of confidence and worry of other people's opinions is dance. Dance is one of those passions that I tend to keep a secret. As a little girl I always admired and loved the beautiful ballet dancers seen on TV and many times I would try to mimic their graceful movements. From a young age I've always loved to dance but it has been something I've never truly been able to let free. It wasn't until last year that the desire to do more than simply dance in front of the mirror alone in my bedroom arose. I'm tired of hiding.

Afraid I was too old or that it was too late for me to begin ballet, I was surprised to find many personal stories online of people who started learning ballet at older ages and I become encouraged. I thought to myself, "It's possible!"

So with that said, I truly have the desire to learn ballet! I'm new to the world of ballet and know next to nothing about it but I'm a person who is very passionate and I have a feeling I will quickly fall in love with this beautiful art (I kind of already have!) I'm planning on attending open classes at Ballet Arizona. I'm incredibly excited!

It's nice to meet you all and any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thank you :happy:

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Hello missrina,

You've posted to Ballet Alert!, a board where we discuss professional ballet performances we've seen live and on film, ballet history and issues, professional dancers, etc. If you see Ballet Arizona perform, we'd love to hear what you think of them.

To discuss ballet training, including starting at a later age, you're looking for our sister board, Ballet Talk for Dancers (BT4D):

Ballet Talk for Dancers

You'll need to register separately. BT4D has different registration and posting policies than we do: for example, they don't accept yahoo, gmail, or hotmail email addresses, but instead school, internet provider, and work, as well as AOL addresses. I urge you to read their policies before registering.

Best of luck to you!

I'm going to close this thread now.

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