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Marin Alsop in "The Violin Teacher"


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I realize it's a stretch to be in this forum, and I'll move it out, but those who remember conductor Marin Alsop's parents, who played for many years with the NYCB Orchestra -- her father Martin was Concert master -- their daughter Marin, a one-time violinist and now renowned conductor, plays a conductor in Sao Paolo in the movie "The Violin Teacher," based on a true story of a child prodigy who fails his audition with her Orchestra and, desperate to earn a living, takes a job teaching a student string Orchestra in the Sao Paolo favela.

She even has a few speaking lines, giving grief to the protagonist, whose been giving grief to everyone else for the entire movie. :) She conducts the orchestra in her real life -- I'm not sure if she was when the real-life events took place - - but it's nice to see her conduct here, given her affiliation.

It's also nice to see a movie where the weepiest moment is inspired by the choice of music.

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