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Male dancer flat feet issue

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Hello! I started doing ballet a month ago (I’m 20 years old). I have X shape legs and flat feet (but very flexible, I have an amazing natural arch when I extend my foot). I was told that by 2 of my private teachers) but if I stand on the ground my feet tend to cave inside therefore I assume I lose stability. Is there anything that can help with it? maybe a list of exercises and a particular type of shoes that can help me? Please help

Thank you for you time and advice


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Hello Alex,

You've registered for Ballet Alert! which is a board for ballet watchers. You're looking for our sister board, Ballet Talk for Dancers:


BT4D requires separate registration and has different registration policies. (For example, it does not accept gmail, hotmail, or yahoo email addresses, but it does accept AOL addresses.)

You'll find a vibrant community there, including professionals and peers who should be able to help. There's also a forum for men.

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