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Galina Mochkina

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I will post this also in the Mariinsky section, but I felt there are many people on this forum who love the Mariinsky ballet, but who could never go to St Petersburg, and for them Galina Mochkina was their link to that ballet world. She had many friends and many online friends, who knew her through her many video uploads. All of these ballet videos were of Mariinsky performances she had seen and filmed herself, posted publicly and of great historical value.

Galina died unexpectedly yesterday, in hospital. For years, she had attended Mariinsky ballet performances and she had filmed many performances. Her uploads on YouTube, and more recently, on FaceBook, enabled millions of people worldwide to see ballets and dancers they would never have seen otherwise. She will be very greatly missed.

Not only that though, Galina was a lovely, sweet person, and I know she was part of going to St Petersburg for me. She was always ready to help buy tickets, she was responsible on so many occasions for getting bouquets of flowers to Mariinsky dancers. She was just a lovely, kind person. I am honoured to have known her, and I know all her friends will miss her greatly.

I would like to say thank you, Galina, for all your videos, for your friendship and of course, I send prayers and good wishes to all Galina's family and friends at this very sad time.

YouTube has a video up with already many comments:

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