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Farewell Celebration for Boada, Molat, & Nedvigin Sun 4/17

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The program and casting for the Farewell Celebration for Joan Boada, Pascal Molat, & Gennadi Nedvigin on Sunday 4/17 has been posted (https://www.sfballet.org/tickets/casting):

Farewell Celebration - Sunday, April 17, 2016 - 7:00PM

Excerpt from ALLES WALZER
Composer: Johann Strauss II
Choreography: Renato Zanella
Conductor: Martin West

Joan Boada, Pascal Molat

(Gennadi video tribute)

Composer: Antonio Bazzini, Henri Wieniawski
Choreography and Costume Design: Johan Kobborg
Solo violin: Cordula Merks
Solo piano: Roy Bogas

Dores André, Esteban Hernandez, Gennadi Nedvigin

Composer: Francesco Geminiani after Corelli
Choreography: Helgi Tomasson
Conductor: Martin West

Pascal Molat, Diego Cruz, Hansuke Yamamoto, Lonnie Weeks*, Max Cauthorn


Composer: Aaron Jay Kernis
Choreography: Helgi Tomasson

Vanessa Zahorian, Gennadi Nedvigin

(Pascal video tribute)

Choreographer: Joel Cadbury and Paul Stoney
Choreographer: Wayne McGregor

Pascal Molat

Balcony pas de deux from ROMEO & JULIET
Choreographer: Helgi Tomasson
Composer: Sergei Prokofiev
Conductor: Martin West

Maria Kochetkova, Joan Boada

(Joan video tribute)

Composer: Yuri Krasavin, after Ludvig van Beethoven
Choreography: Yuri Possokhov
Conductor: Martin West

Pascal Molat, Gennadi Nedvigin, Joan Boada

- See more at: https://www.sfballet.org/tickets/casting#sthash.6DWRHs8W.dpuf

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I remember Boada back in the 90's in Havana. I'm glad he had a prosperous career in America. Now...MCB teaching position maybe..? :flowers:

Joan was the Meet the Artist Interview on Sunday 4/10 prior to the performance. Unfortunately, I did not go. Luckily, SFB has posted a podcast of the interview. He states that he is going to be working with Magaly Suarez (a former teacher of his in Cuba and mother of Principal Dancer Taras Domitro). She has a school in Florida and Joan will be working with her there.

Link to Joan's Interview podcast: http://podcast.sfballet.org/2016/2016-04-10_MTA.mp3

(mention of his future plans are at the 8:30 mark)

Link to all Meet the Artist podcasts: https://www.sfballet.org/interact/listen/meet_the_artist_podcasts.

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Pascal Molat update . . .


He will be dancing with James Sofranko's SF Danceworks in Jose Limon's 1942 solo Chaconne:




"On the historical end of the spectrum, Pascal Molat, a former principal dancer with San Francisco Ballet, will perform “Chaconne,” a solo created in 1942 by the legendary choreographer José Limón. Violinist René Mandel will perform the live music for Molat, J.S. Bach’s Chaconne from Partita No. 2 in D minor."


After a rehearsal Molat explained, 'Jim asked me right after I retired last year if I would dance this season, and he showed me a video of “Chaconne." It’s a very long piece with different kinds of movement and beautiful music. When I started to learn it, I saw what a big challenge it was going to be. As a more mature artist, I decided I had to stop worrying and feel free and enjoy dancing in the moment.”

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11 hours ago, miliosr said:

Pascal Molat update . . .


He will be dancing with James Sofranko's SF Danceworks in Jose Limon's 1942 solo Chaconne:


Thank you for posting this.  I just bought my tickets. They have 4 performances and two of them are already sold out.  So excited to see Pascal Molat and Dana Genshaft.

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Leslie Katz's review from the SF Examiner:

"Yet the evening’s most emotional, heartfelt and beautiful dance was 1942’s “Chaconne” by pioneering Mexican choreographer José Limon (1908-1972), a solo he created for himself set to music by Bach."

"Former San Francisco Ballet principal dancer Pascal Molat, who retired from performing with that company last year, and solo violinist René Mandel did the work proud; it was spellbinding and breathtaking from its deliberate, pointed, sculptural opening to its thrilling, twirling conclusion."


Allan Ulrich's review from the SF Chronicle:

"The problem with Sofranko's policy is that the classic dances can sometimes make the more recent fare seem fussy, even irrelevant. Engaging Sofranko's old colleague Pascal Molat to perform Jose Limon's solo 1942 masterpiece, "Chaconne," was a brilliant idea; happily, Molat's artistry has not dimmed since his retirement one year ago, and Thursday's performance was wonderfully musical (thanks in part to violinist Rene Mandel's live reading of the Bach violin solo score) and searching."

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Rita Felciano's review from danceviewtimes:


"But probably the most stunning single performance, a couple of slips not withstanding, was offered by Molat who took to "Chaconne" (performed life by violinist René Mandel) as if ready to fuse with it. Molat wouldn't be the first brilliant ballet dancer to refocus his dancing into new direction. He seems to be getting there. Coached by former Limón dancer Gary Masters, he entered that severe, unadorned territory with a strong internal focus, a consistent approach to the phrase structure and a remarkable sense of weight.  Best of all, he didn't dance to but out of the music."

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