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City Ballet 2016-2017 Season

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The swap out seems to be because of injury to Adrian Danchig-Waring who had a prominent place in Unframed. He's been replaced in Dances at a Gathering on Thursday night as well. Taylor Stanley also is replaced in all his roles. Tyler Angle as well. Hope they are okay.

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There's been more cast shuffling. Lovette and Janzen are no longer debuting in American Rhapsody. Lovette has also been replaced in the Friday and Saturday DAAG with Megan Fairchild (apricot). Megan was originally going to dance green, and Sara Mearns has replaced her as Green Girl. Finlay is replacing Ramasar as Green Boy (Ramasar is now doing Green Boy with the Thursday cast). 


Preston Chamblee is out of Glass Pieces as well, and he made a rather cryptic post on Instagram about his future:


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I saw Adrian D-W in Glass Pieces Sun matinee, also T. Angle in Stars & Stripes - both seemed uninjured. Hope it is something minor. L. Lovette also posted a cryptic instagram message (no time to figure out how to link it here) but if she's injured I also hope that is minor. Heavy Nutcracker season ahead!

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I saw two performances this fall, the "American Music" program on October 9 and then the modified 21st century choreographers on October 15. My comments on the first of these: 


Glass Pieces continues to be a great pleasure, and I continue to think its time to redo the costumes. Those shiny pastel unitards are terribly dated and also terribly unflattering; when Sara Mearns looks flabby there's something wrong.  The third movement, Ahkenaten, with its long opening section for the male corps is my favorite, but this time I was drawn to the egalitarian-ness of the choreography. Robbins has some really misogynistic moments, but none here; the group of girls that enters is an even match for the boys' energy and while the groups end up dancing is very close proximity, and pair off a bit, there’s no actual partnering.


Thou Swell -- my opinion of Martins as a choreographer sinks every time I see another of his works. I used to find the choreography stupid but this one I found contemptuous, and contemptible.  Ok, it looks like a 30's jazz club and you have the fancy designer costumes (including ridiculous capes for two of the women, one of which looks like the pelt of a green Muppet) and you have singers onstage. Its obvious gala fare, intended to appeal to audience members who  don't necessarily like ballet -- so let's distract them with mirrors and show tunes! But there’s nothing else there. the dancers generally stay in their pairings (as opposed to a lot of martins' works where people pair off randomly, it seems), but none of the relationships have a discernible emotional through line, and on the occasions when there are singers on stage-- so you’d expect the lyrics to somehow relate to or illuminate the dancing -- they seem to instead do nothing more than maybe convey a mood, and otherwise the lyrics often contradict what is shown in the steps.  No blame on the dancers, they performed wonderfully for the most part (Ask LaCour really doesn’t have the jazzy thing down, though).  Further, the costumes on the four dancers playing waitresses manage to make them look stumpy and flash their ruffled underpants constantly, and to make this all just more embarrassing ofe the four men cast as waiters, two were African American apprentices.  "Welcome to the company! Now dress up in a waiter uniform and bring the white ladies their coats."


Stars and stripes - either you love this one or you really don’t, and I have moved to the loving it side over time.  Really nice turn as Liberty Belle by Megan Fairchild and by Daniel Ulbricht leading the men’s regiment, and I will confess to a lump in my throat when the flag started scrolling up the backdrop. 


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23 hours ago, E Johnson said:


They certainly contribute to the whole "jane fonda aerobic wear" aesthetic! 


Some things are just very clearly an example of their time, and these costumes are in that category.  As we get further away from that moment, our perception of them will change.  They will look dated (and we will be uncomfortable), then they will look plain old-fashioned (and we will be disdainful).  Then they will look retro (and we will be ironic), and then they will look vintage (and we will kick ourselves for not keeping them when we had them).


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