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carbro's Yahrzeit

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I have a note in my calendar that this evening begins carbro's yahrzeit. I still can't believe she's not here with us, and I often wonder what she'd think of a performance I saw. I know how much she loved Ashley Bouder's dancing, and she'd be kvelling to know that there will be a Baby Bouder.

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I swear she is still in the State Theatre. I've seen her three times. Twice during CB seasons and once at Paul Taylor. I bumped into Michael P. shortly after the first visitation and told him I thought I'd seen her. He replied "you probably did". Something slid into place in my heart.

It's not as if her ghost is haunting the place. More like a benevolent presence taking care of business.

Saint Carley.

God I miss her so much, too!

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Thank you all -- this is so sweet!

I'm with you. I miss her. I saw our mutual friend Verna after SFB's Coppelia last night and wondered what she'd have thought of our dancers. It would have been so great to have the three of us hash it out.

I have so many questions to ask her, about dancers I think she'd like. But also, I associate her with certain places in Berkeley -- i met her here, on BA, but in person, I met her in Berkeley, where she'd come to attend an inauguration of a scholarship program that a relative of hers had founded. I never pass the dorm at Bowditch and Channing without "seeing" her, with a red bandana tied around her head, where we first met. It was new at the time, and we went into its coffee shop and talked for a long time.

Besides, I want to start a new topic ["Swanilda's side-bends"] but have forgotten how, and she'd have been the first person I turned to for help.

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