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Next years epetoire

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Well Franks repetoire is made public. The major productions are John Neumeier Ulysses and mcMillans Manon (with a brand new decor)Shorter works by William forsyth, Jean-Christophe Malliot and Jacopo Godany, Etudes, The Lesson and La Corvervatorie , Onegib, Folk Tale, Nutcracker and Napoli. Par Isberg will make a ballet for the Children and Tim Rushton company will perform his version op Napoli. There ara also plans for new Martins, Ratmansky, Rushton and Lærkesen ballets but these will most likely occur the following season.

This will be Frank plan how to place the company among the top five companies in the world! It could be worse but it could also be a lot better!

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Effy, thanks for that.

Here are some Danish news links about this, and other matters, from today's papers.

The Royal Danish Ballet's 2002-2003 season:

Ny børneballet, to helaftensballetter og moderne balletprogram i Den Kgl. Ballets ny sæson

Yes, Andersen does say, right up front, that he's going to make the company one of the five best in the world.


»Vi skal være blandt de bedste fem kompagnier. Vi skal uddelegere ansvar og genskabe respekt og loyalitet, stolthed og kærlighed. Vi skal kommunikere bedre, vi skal være mere synlige – og gøre Bournonville mere synlig. Men der er også grænser for, hvad vi kan nå på én gang.«

Reading on, there are some names of the foreign dancers who are leaving -- eight, five of them men. And a reference to Lloyd Riggins, who will be the ballet master in three years. That's the first I've read that promise in awhile. It was announced early on, then seemed to disappear.

More ballet news from Denmark from today's Berlingske Tidende

Balletskole åbner i Odense

A new ballet school opens in Odense. If I'm reading this correctly, the school is intended to be a feeder school to the Royal Danisih Ballet.

And an article about the plans for the new theater they're building. (This one is beyond me. My theater Danish is much better than my business Danish.)

Gamle Scene truet af lukning

In Jyllands Posten:

Ballet med visioner

That's "Ballet with Vision." (And I especially liked Andersen's comment at the end of how "we will have the greatest loyalty to our colleagues.")

There will be a new staging of "Napoli" by modern dance choreographer Tim Rushton (who danced with the company for awhile before turning modern, and actually liked Bournonville). It will be for his own company, not the Royal Danish.

The Politiken article also focuses on "the coming balletmaster's vision" but explains this only as "We will be one of the five greatest ballet companies in the world."

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