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Ok...so this is a recurrent fantasy that I always have on ballet. There are some wonderful PDD's that were created as gala performances showpieces, and otherwise we never get to see them. Have you ever fantasized on the idea of including them as a part of a whole ballet, so said full lenght work would look enhanced and more exciting to watch...? I have, and every time I watch Tchaikovsky PDD I wish it could be as a part of a whole Swan Lake, either on the ballroom scene or in the first act. Other times I think of Grand Pas Classique, and given the VERY limited amount of times that we get to see it, it woyld be-(in my mind)-a wonderful addition to my Fantasy Nutcracker-(another opportunity for Fee Dragee and Coqueluche, and an extra chance to show the usually neglected male dancer here). Other times I'm even more ambitious, and I would put the WHOLE Sylphides within Act II of Giselle!! :happy: He,he...call me nuts, but hey...one can always dream, right...? ;-)

Any other ideas...?


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