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ABT Principals - Who is what?

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Hallberg's extracurricular activities don't strike me as a sign that he's retiring soon: nowadays, plenty of artists start planning for life post-stage years in advance.

And I'm actually glad that ABT has listed the presumptive Hallberg slots only as TBDs: it's a more honest stance than listing his name (and they're taking a financial hit for their honesty).

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Jeffrey Cirio's hiring from Boston Ballet surely is meant to fill in for the time when the late 30's generation chooses to retire?

Yes, agreed, Jayne. Being a Boston Ballet fan and seeing him do nearly every principal role on opening night in Boston, I have to think he is meant for eventually taking on more. I was in DC for college visits with my son, and went to see ABT's SB. I was able to catch Cirio's Bluebird with Brandt, and they were lovely together. But he is hopefully going to get more opportunity. His Desire with Kuranaga in Boston was beautiful, and he was a much younger dancer at the time, probably 20 or 21. I'll never forget his second act variation in SB, which I sorely missed in the ABT version.

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I have been wondering since last Met season about Hallberg, but learned of his injury on another thread and wish him well, we do miss his stage presence in the US! :( I wonder what they are planning for Ms. Paris as well, I don't seem to see her name pop up since her promotion either?! She has done quite a bit of principal roles mentioned on her bio and I wonder why she doesn't seem to have been placed in any this year? She is quite a beautiful dancer IMO, more emotions than Shevchenko and hope to see her given the chances.

This probably should be on the DC thread, but I thought quite interesting since we are tossing our hats in for "in waitings"; a few friends of mine was able to see one of the DC performances with Waski as the Candide fairy and had this to report back: Waski is very impressive; her musicality, fluid use of arms, and delicate footwork as Candide left the other dancers a bit in the dust! Another whom I .... and my granddaughter hope to see more of this coming season :)

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Sterling was a good partner but one wonders how she would looked with David or Marcelo or Roberto... :happy:

One can dream! The arms in the beginning were so spot on! I don't understand why they didn't give her an Odette/Odile this season. Also can't understand why she didn't get a Juliet. She would be the perfect Juliet. Mckenzie's casting is often hard to understand...

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