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Online ballet gala January 31


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From Zarély Dance Wear:

Do you love ballet? And now imagine how amazing it is to be able to see more than 20 top principals from all over the world performing live for you… Mark your calendars! January 31 The First Online Gala of Stars

- First ever online gala

- Over 20 principal dancers from 10 countries

- Unique event – over 7 hours of live streaming

January 31 turn your laptops and go to www.zarely.co at

> 8.30 San Francisco

> 14.30 NY

> 16-30 London

> 17.30 Berlin

> 19.30 Moscow

Participating principals of Berlin State Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, ABT, NYCB, Boston Ballet, Australian Ballet, Bavarian State Ballet, Vienna State Ballet, Dutch National Ballet, National Ballet of Canada.

Iana Salenko, Marian Walter

Yuan Yuan Tan, Luke Ingham, Frances Chung and Taras Domitro

James Whiteside

Paulo Arrais

Amber Scott and Ty King-Wall

Lucia Lacarra and Marlon Dino

Lauren Lovette and Gonzalo Garcia

Ana Sophia Scheller

Joaquin de Luz

Denys Cherevychko and Kiyoka Hashimoto

Artur Shesterikov and Maia Makhateli

Sonia Rodriguez and Naoya Ebe

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I can't make heads or tails of the start time. Obviously San Francisco and New York are not six hours apart, just as New York and London are not two hours apart. I guess we'll just have to turn on our computers on Sunday and see what happens. :dunno:

Interesting initiative, though. Thanks for posting the information.

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I was speaking to a few of the dancers participating, and because of injury, they added the online discussion with rehab expert, Lisa Giannone. Several of the principal dancers who are unable to perform will be speaking. I am wondering if some of it, like the Discussion Round in SF, has been taped ahead of time. Paulo Arrais from Boston is no longer dancing, as he was injured. He was originally dancing with Lia Cirio, but they enlisted Paul Craig to take his place and Paulo will do the commentary. Joaquin DeLuz was to dance, as was Lauren Lovette. Neither are dancing any longer. I remember Mateo Klemmayer, who is apparently the CEO of Zarely and the Gala Director, when he danced for Boston Ballet. He was a talented young man then, and this is surely an interesting way to get his company off the ground.

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Did anyone here watch most of it?

I started to (I am in central Europe, and it went late, so I had to quit in the middle) but was pretty disappointed with the sound quality, especially during the dancing segments.

I got so frustrated, that I could not continue to watch after awhile. :(

Was this only MY connection; did everyone else enjoy flawless sound and vision? :)


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The sound was atrocious throughout. I can only guess that they were not using equipment/transmission modes sufficient for this. I do want to applaud this very ambitious approach to sharing performances and discussion. I hope others try it as well, but perhaps on a more limited scale.

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I'll second what California said adding that some of the dancers who were supposed to be part of the interviews did not attend, though they were not on the injured list. Ms. Scheller from NYCB danced beautifully in Corsaire pas de deux with fantastic, clean, calm perfectly executed double fouettees, and was quite charming in her brief interview. She said she felt funny taking bows to a non-audience.... but needed the pauses to catch a breath between sections.

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Oh, yes; I can sure imagine how odd it must have felt to take bows when not having a "real" audience to see and feel!

Please don't get me wroing: I do think it is a great idea to do this sort of thing! I only was curious if I was the only one experiencing atrocious sound or not. :)


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