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2016-2017 Season

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Danses avec la plume posted some ideas for the 16-17 season and also what has already been publicly announced. http://www.dansesaveclaplume.com/en-coulisse/20044-saison-2016-2017-le-ballet-de-lopera-de-paris/

The certainties:

A commission by Ratmansky to Schlaogobers by Richard Strauss

Swan Lake during the Christmas season

Tree of Codes by McGregor

La Sylphide (Lacotte) and Daphnis and Chloé (Millepied) will be performed on tour in Japon. The POB frequently incorporates the ballets on tour into the season. It's highly likely these two also be performed in Paris next year.

Invited companies: ABT with Sleeping Beauty (as stated above) and The DresdenSemperoperBallett. The Mariinsky is scheduled for January 2017 (reported by the Russian press quite a while ago already).

The danses avec la plume article also suggests further possibilities and rumors not yet confirmed by the direction.

The complete program for the season is supposed to be listed online on February 10.

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Wikipedia link to Schlagobers:


Any ballet where Chartreuse is an actual character is A-OK with me.


"n earlier sketches, red banners were waved amidst the riotous proletarian cakes, with the Revolution Polka conducted by matzos."

Maybe the French Communist Party could raise red banners during the performance??? (I have no idea what to make of any of this -- the whole scenario seems so bizarre, even by ballet standards.)

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From Wikipedia "Having overindulged, one boy falls ill and hallucinates, leading to the party of Princess Pralinée, a trio of amorous liquors, and a riot of cakes pacified by beer."

Major fun potential, absolutely, but I'm wondering now if anyone has done any kind of comparative writing about the tendency in ballet to make movement for inanimate objects (not just foodstuffs, but that would certainly be a set)?

To answer Doris Humphrey's question in some of her writing -- "What shall we dance about?"

We shall dance about dinner.

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Mon Dieu!!!

I guess Clear, Loud, Bright, Forward has now become Clear, Loud, Bright . . . Retreat!

So, he lasted -- what? -- about 18 months?? And the biggest portion of that was implementing Madame Lefevre's final year of programming.

Now, we are faced with the possibility not only of the company having to implement the remainder of his programming choices for 2015-16 but for all of 2016-17 as well.

A lot of questions beyond who will be the successor. What becomes of 3e Scene? What becomes of the choreographic training program??

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Legris would be a good fit but I hope Laurent Hilaire gets it after being passed over in favor of Millepied and losing out on the La Scala job.

Other candidates would be Nicolas Le Riche, who has been very much at odds with Millepied, and, possibly, Roberto Bolle.

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I don't read French -- could someone post a precis of the Paris Match article?

According to our informations, the famous choreographer and ballet master of the Opera de Paris is leaving his position...

His appointment to the position was surprising in the closed world of ballet dancing: Millepied, this Frenchman who has had a career at the NYC Ballet, became in the fall of 2014 one of the youngest artistic directors of the Opera de Paris.

His arrival was both welcomed and sometimes critized. Millepied represented this American ideal that would shake up and revive this ballet "house." Celebrities, galas and numerous sponsorships. The Opera de Paris, on the eve of presenting their new season on February 10th, is on the verge of communicating the possible rescission from Millepied.

Many rumors were floating around... some mentioned the desire of his wife Natalie Portman to get back to the US. Others were pointing at the difficulty in decision-making, and how tedious of a process if it to want to make a change or suggest anything. Millepied was probably seeing himself more as a choreographer than someone doing admin work. They were asking him to be both. It appears he has chosen to get back his freedom, maybe to return to the LA dance Project, or to his many american friends and their numerous projects.

The 2016/2017 season will present two new ballets created by Millepied, a program that now looks like a farewell. The choreographer will have boosted in two years a new generation of classical dancers, started a subtle revolution with the health of the dancers and the equipment (with new floors in the studios). His style however didn't win everyone over, and his hype in the media angered some... internally, the Opera didn't appreciate "Releve", a documentary on Canal Plus that followed him around. His impact however is for many very positive. The company has found a satisfying pace, that even the NYT applauds. Now everybody will have to be re-done, again. Who will follow in his footsteps? Will they pick a dancer or a personality coming from the Opera him/herself? Possible. In the meantime, we hope that Millepied will not forget his native land.

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Roberto Bolle? Help. I can't temember his connection to the Paris Opera... ?

He's danced there, most recently when Aurelie Dupont handpicked him for her farewell performances in 2015. He's a glamorous figure on the international ballet scene and his entire career has been very classical in nature, which would be a point in his favor if that's the direction the Opera wants to go in next. The added advantage with him is that there wouldn't be the internal factionalism that would probably surround Hilare, Legris and Le Riche. The downside would be that Bolle would be another outsider taking the helm. Obviously, that didn't work out so well with the current occupant!

But who knows? It's all just freewheeling speculation at this point.

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The season was released at the Opera tonight.

Personally, I am thoroughly underwhelmed:

ABT - Sleeping Beauty (Ratmansky)


Creation, In Creases, Creation, Blake Works (Sehgal/Peck/Pite/Forsythe)

Mozartina, Violin Concerto, Brahms-Schonberg Quartet (Balanchine)

The Leaves are Fading, Creation (Antony Tudor, Millepied)

Swan Lake (Nureyev)

Semperoper Ballett Dresden - Impressing the Czar

Tree of Codes (McGregor)

A Midsummer Night's Dream (Balanchine)

A Bras-le-Corps (Charmatz)

Ecole de Danse - demonstrations, gala

Walkaround Time, Trio, Workwithinwork (Cunningham, Forsythe)

En Sol, La Valse, Bolero (Robbins, Balanchine, Cherkaoui Jalet)

Creations ( Bertaud, Bouche, Paul, Valastro )Works from dancers within the company

La Sylphide (Lacotte)

Creation (Millepied, Parreno)

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