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Feb 25-28, 2016 @ BAM: Lopatkina & Mariinsky Stars

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I was there for program C although i can't say much about it... It was my first time seeing her Carmen (actually my first time seeing Carmen live) and I thought she and Sergeyev were great. I'd love to see Sergeyev in DonQ.

In Woman in the Room, Diana accidently dropped her lemon while dancing... and that's as much as I can say about the ballet. It was better than I thought and Diana has great stage prescence (and she's actually tiny!). I just don't know enough about these rather modern dance works to criticize them.....

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The Legend of Love excerpts looked a little shaky at times

Sorry, I'm puzzled a lot by this comment. Because it was just impeccable. It was technically fantastic. Well, maybe artistically too.

Also I didn't understand what "partnering issue" you mentioned when you talked about Chopiniana, really. There wasn't any.

However, I had a little problem with Ulyana doing pas de bourrée instead of some other step, but that was her choice and not an error.

Anyway, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your impressions. Valuable and interesting.

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No technical errors in The Legend or Shurale (none that I noticed anyway), they just looked shaky at times. Shurale was very enjoyable regardless, The Legend not so much. In Chopiniana on Friday---also very enjoyable, albeit a tad slow for my taste---the glitch happened too quickly for me to understand exactly what happened, but a glitch it was. If I was forced to describe it in court and couldn't take the fifth :), I'd say part of it looked like her hand was searching for his and not finding it. If my eyes and memory are not deceiving me, it happened during the first one of the two combinations of supported turns and arabesques about one-third of the way into the piece.

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Ilya is right! I think people sitting on the balcony level probably saw it very clearly. It was the part where the ballerina has to lean over the male partner's shoulder while maintaining her penche position. When Andrey was about to kneel down, Uliana hurriedly reached for his shoulder. They didn't make the mistake when they repeated the same move the 2nd time.

In The Legend, during the last lift Andrey had to readjust his feet's position and moved to his left a little bit before Uliana could start changing her position (split legs in 180 degrees while being held upside down). Not sure the name of this lift.

In Shurale's climax, Zyuzin was supposed to lift Martynyuk with his one hand but he lost his balance and quickly changed it to two hand lift.

I mean, I can really just overlook all these mistakes because it was a great evening.

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Uliana hurriedly reached for his shoulder.

So was it a partnering issue or hers? I doubt if it was an issue at all, sorry.

Andrey had to readjust his feet's position and moved to his left a little

Tiny little step. So? That's how about any high lift is supposed to be done. To my eyes - and I saw this adagio many many times previously - it was a perfect lift performed with certain chic, not to mention ease.

Here it is and thanks to a wonderful person who captured it

In Shurale's climax, Zyuzin was supposed to lift Martynyuk with his one hand but he lost his balance and quickly changed it to two hand lift.

Are you sure? Because there is no one hand lift in Shurale! Not to my knowledge.

There is a rather tricky lift when Ali Batyr lifts Suimbike up and changes arms position in the air actually and Zyuzin did it all right. You can compare different performances of this adagio and you will see.

Please, look here https://youtu.be/6-v1IEQY52c?t=3m19s

I myself would probably prefer more stylish execution of this adagio (Martyniuck - Zyuzin) and more elegance and flow of movements... and I don't approve all those 6th in Shurale (other male performers don't overuse them), but hey, it's Yakobson, not Swan Lake.

Once again, thanks to all.

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Queenofspade, your clip perfectly illustrates what I meant by "a little shaky at times". I have no problem with it being characterized as perfect, I just don't see it that way myself. Ditto for the other two pieces in question. So let's agree to disagree.

When I brought these up, I really didn't mean to make a big issue out of them.

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Oh wow... I really did think that Andrey took a few steps.. (and I was looking through my binoculars!) Now that seeing the footage I must have been delusional. It's great that someone actually recorded it to correct my mistake!

Regarding Chopiniana, I agree with you that it wasn't really a mistake. Once again, I was looking through binoculars and I was noticing little things that aren't really significant...

I have to admit that I'm not that familiar Shurale and I thought the last lift was supposed to be a one hand lift. My apologies!

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