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Joe Bunn Needs Bone Marrow Transplant


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From an email from Bridget Breiner:

I know Joe is very moved by the energy and care that has been pouring out on his behalf. He misses dancing so much, and it means a lot to him that the dance world in particular is paying attention and wanting to help him.

It means a lot to me too. Thank you!

Since her network is primarily in Europe, it would be a great help if people shared her Facebook link, which contains links to bone marrow registries in many countries, on social media:


It takes one match.

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I am very saddened to say that Joe Bunn lost his battle with leukemia last week leaving a wife and young son.  He wished to have his body returned to the U.S. for burial beside his grandmother.  Bridget  Breiner and others have launched a fundraising campaign to raise the funds to help fulfil his wishes.

I hope I am not breaking rules by posting a link to a site for him.



Joe touched so many lives and will be missed by so many both professionally and personally. 

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