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A Ross Stretton interview


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This is another interesting interview with Stretton and much like the others he seems to be trying to do some damage control with promises of more Ashton and McMillan in the future.

I thought one comment by Ms. Brown very interesting in that she says Stretton likes Rojo and Cocojaru.

Well, that is evident in the castings already announced. In the upcoming Onegin Cocojaru has been given 10 performances, more than anyone else - closest to that number is Adam Cooper doing 9.

I don't see Alina as Tatianna but maybe she can pull it off.

I do wonder at his choices - he mentioned Sylvie could dance at the ROH forever but she is hardly cast in anything. Not sure that is because of her other commitments but his casting certainly has generated a lot of discussion in the UK!

It will be a very interesting three years watching the company as things settle down and Stretton settles in.

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Thanks for posting that, Lara. Our U.K. posters have been silent on this, for the most part -- perhaps because it's been discussed thoroughly elsewhere. Your comments would, nonetheless, be welcome here. There are a few long-time American Royal watchers, too who've yet to chime in on this smile.gif

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I think I'll hold judgement on Mr Stretton for now. He does, however, seem to have become more adept at damage limitations for now in the press.

He however has some serious work to do.

I'm sure his policy of late casting is not making him many friends at the box office. (The ROH is already offering discounted tickets for some performances of Don Q and I would expect the same to happen for Onegin.)

He also seems to be using some dancers for many different roles in the same ballet. You can imagine the workload some of them will have. I just hope he doesn't push so of them so hard they get injured.

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I found this very interesting and am very sorry I missed the interview (ironically I am on holiday in Australia). What Stretton has said seems promising. Personally I have been disgusted with so many RB fans criticizing him before he has had a chance to establish himself in London. Those same people couldn't wait for Dowell to leave and one wonders exactly what motivates this kind of criticism. We are fortunate in London to have casting months in advance but that is not the norm elsewhere and it is something that I'm sure Stretton will adapt to when he discovers more about RB customs. Lets wait until the end of the season before sitting in judgement on him.

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