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Chicago Ballet Nutcracker Finale - 1967

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Sugar Plum and Prince - Kirsten Simone and Henning Kronstam

Flowers soloist - Dolores Lipinski

Spanish soloist - Orrin Kayan

Marzipan soloist - Anna Baker

Chinese soloist - Larry Long

Arabian soloists - Vicki Fisera and Charles Schick

Russian soloist possibly John Landovsky

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When I let the film play out, I was offered, in the upper-left corner of the video window, a half-hour film titled, "Dance Stage with Ruth Page." Wasn't this scene we just saw her company and (largely) her choreography? I caught up with the production several years later when it had moved to the Arie Crown Theater at McCormick Place. Thanks for the living history!

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Fun, isn't it? Actually this film comes from a two-year period after they had first opened at McCormick Place, after which it burned down and they spent 2 years at the Lyric Opera while it was being rebuilt. All of her films went to the Chicago Film Archives and they've diligently worked to digitize and catalog them. A fair number are on line on YT and the rest are on their website. It is her choreography save for the pas de deux of course! The dancers were dancers of her company supplemented by some guests.

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