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Paul Taylor documentary

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Saw Creative Domain, the new(ish) documentary about Paul Taylor last night. The date on it was 2013, but it seems to still be making the rounds.

I enjoyed it thoroughly -- it's an old school doc, where you see long, relatively uninterrupted excerpts of the choreography, and big chunks of the rehearsal process where it was made. Some nice interview footage with Taylor, who is rather modest about the whole thing, and very willing to let you watch him think. I'm pretty sure they were filming before the big announcement about the changes to his company -- the work we watch develop is Three Dubious Memories, which is from 2011.

It opens with the first rehearsals for Memories, and closes with the first rehearsal for the next work Taylor would make (The Uncommitted, to Part's Fratres) -- in between is the pleasure of watching someone who knows how to do a complex and mysterious thing practice his craft. Absolutely worth watching.

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